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Sentire: The Cover and the Mix

I'm actually feeling quite bereft now that the story is over and done with, so I have a couple of post-script goodies for you!

First of all, completely unsolicited, laurab1 made a gorgeous cover for the story! It is really quite lovely, and I'm so grateful to her. But instead of using it as a cover for the story, I'm using it as a cover for: the Sentire mix!

Okay, basically, once someone else does something, I'm all, Oooh! Shiny! Must try that! So this was me indulging that, trying to figure out if I could put a mix together, zip it, upload it, and make it work. (invisible_lift beta tested this thing for me as well. I know. God help him, really.)

So, it's kind of random, and not everything is on the nose lyric-wise. Some of them just sound like the story to me. Who knows why things associate themselves in my warped little brain... :)

The songs are in alpha order, basically because I am lame at arranging things. Track listing and download link under the cut. Even if you have no interest in the music, please open the cut anyway to see laurab1's lovely artwork! :) Enjoy!

70 MB zipped file, all songs in mp3 format, available here:


1. All the Arms Around You (Halloween, Alaska)
~ we descend so easily ~ and give it up to short-term memory ~ fight your nature if you can ~ and hope for heaven where we land ~
2. Everybody Knows (Concrete Blonde, orig. by Leonard Cohen)
~ everybody knows you've been discreet ~ so many people you had to meet without your clothes ~ and everybody knows ~
3. Figure It Out (Maroon 5)
~ i know you wanna break free ~ from this monotony ~ i'm happy you're coming with me ~ but by choice, it's gotta be ~
4. Filmstar (Suede)
~ what to believe in when they change your name ~ wash your brain ~ play the game ~ again ~
5. Filthy Mind (Amanda Ghost)
~ would you make a suggestion for an act i would enjoy ~
6. I  Say Yeah (Secchi)
~ for you it's time ~ to find new friends ~ knock on the door ~ we'll let you in ~
7. I Wanna Be Evil (Eartha Kitt)
~ i wanna go to the devil ~
8. Invincible (Muse)
~ follow through ~ make your dreams come true ~ don't give up the fight ~ you will be all right ~ 'cause there's no one like you in the universe ~
9. Jump in the River (Cousteau)
~ sweet the grape ~ deep ripe and soft betrayal ~ stealing days ~ this tormented mad embrace ~
10. Love Somebody (Robbie Williams)
~ violet in the rainbow just melts away ~  there's not enough minutes in the hour, or hours in the day ~
11. Lovers in the Backseat (Scissor Sisters)
~ take you to a side street ~ in the shadows ~ you can touch one another now ~ and i'll just watch the show ~
12. Lucky Ones (Bif Naked)
~ how could i ever get over you ~ when i'd give my life for yours ~
13. Nu Taboo (Juliet)
~ you've got something to discover ~ it's the secret that we're after ~ new taboo ~ what would we do without you ~
14. Whatever Lola Wants [Verve Remix] (Sarah Vaughan)
~ there's no exception to the rule ~ i'm irresistible, you fool ~ give in ~
15. Whole (Eliza Carthy)
~ i could climb all the way inside you and be you for a day ~ sliding around inside you, you are so big ~ so beautiful and so mine ~


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May. 3rd, 2008 07:37 pm (UTC)
You know, I've been lurking (I always feel weird commenting on something I've done beta work on), but I'm still all *glee* and stuff seeing it posted.

May. 5th, 2008 03:24 am (UTC)
*returns salute*

Thank you so much! I totally get not wanting to comment (or even see the word "Sentire" again) but it does make me happy, knowing Uncle Lifty was keeping an eye on things. ;)
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